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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  February 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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her new fins monday at thee suma aaqalife parr innwestern jappn.the emmle oggerhhad & was found tangled in a fishing net in 2208.sincc tten... researchers have fitted her with 27 diiferent pairs of pfipperss unlike the previous versionn, whhch wereepaiiful to wear, this new set iss attachhd o aa oftt est that slips over her head. p3 3 3&phelll, i'm jennifer gilbert. gilbert. 3 i'm jeff barnd....// s... p baltimore sinks... fuuther... nno the property taxxcrisis,.../ the... mayor sayss.. paying more... the solution.. solutionn. 3& it's a hotll debated proposaa... &pproposal... -3 33 keithhdaaiels is live t city hall with detaiil on the mayor's puss to urn a ree pervice.. keith. keith. jennifer..... mayyr stephanie rawlings-blakee & loaaed the idea earlier this week during her statt of he cityy at city &p////////////////////vo//////////////// p////. 3&p the ppoposee fee wouldd & charge ffr trash pick-up, a
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weekly service that hadduntil noww. been free. the mayor says thh newwfeeewwuld also beecharged to those not currrntly payinggpropertyy -3& ttxes, like non-profits. she ssys the savings would be usee to lowee the city's property tax raae, whicc is the higgest in the egion. she ccn't say noo hoo uch the fee would be..she says details of he plan are coming soon. and that delay is residents who want details now. (ms. brennaa/residenn) "and what happens if you neiggbors don't paa he feee are youu & goong to sit ii thhir arbage or issit going to be llke a regressive tax, hat's basicalll aaproperty tax. i thinkkthht's outraagous." -3 3 the mayor did say yesterday.. that she'll have more details onnhow the plan will work.. next week. news latt edition. p3 baltiiore... police.... - identify... the officer... who shot tte police trainee... &&pin the heed... tuesday...// &p 3 williaa... . keen... was assignee... as an
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instructor... in the eddcation and training section .... when... he fireddhis servicc weapon... during a this week.....// he... ttainee... remainn in he pospptall onight..../. kkrn... an... 18--yeer police 3 other oficerssfrom the academy....//.. xperrs say ... this... may indicate... ... ssstemmi proolee & within the bpd. 3 systemmccproblem... 1:35:088 ccrrinall in baatimore city trainiig haa ever been a priooity owntown they were -3 sharing buildiiggi think with healthhrenovvted mmddle school school 1:35:44 the faciluty in which &pbalt city pollce has been housed ould not indicatt a seriousness of trainging so --&pthat needs to chang :54 & :54 3 p powers expects... sweeping -3 changes will rreuut in how 3 following the investigaaion into ttis innident. 3 ore detaiis, toddy, from the family of the universsty of maryland sttdenttwho was he 3 neaa campus.
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is up and walking, three daas roommate on tte froot llwn of & his college ark homee his &pptepfathee is now speaking out... he says the roommates & were awarr the shooter ''ayvon &pmaurice ggeen' had fireaamm in - the house, buttwere "not" proolems. 3 "i guess they ere a little bit leery of him ((or whatever reasoos there were). but, you ggve ttem someepause for concern, bbt. youuknow, he's & alllwed to have them." (:122 (:11))eal was able toorun to a nnighhorrfor help.22 yyar ld ptephen rane wasn't as portunate. olice ssy hh wass shot to death byygreen... whh & in pennsylvvnia..-& friends and fammll gather to pemember jenniffr conyers... a baltimoreewoman found murderedd ii her homm last week.a funeral was held today at &ppounn dead friiay in a house & fire oo high gate drivv in
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she was tieddup with electrical cords and batee..- monte arter is chaargd ith &pher murdee. pollce say the two pet on a datiig website months aggo 3 aa.. mother... anddher ....two children... & are... hospitalized... suffeeinng.. severe burns. happeneddthis -3 porning... wheentheir secood floor aparrment ....aught firr..../ the motter and children - ages 2 and 4 - ssmehow managed to get -3 ouusiie... efore harrord -3county fire crews... prrived..../ but tonight - ll ... aae in... critical 3 say... the flames weree -3 containnd... t one bedroom -3 ....hhre they were all sleeping....//there were smooe detectors ....nside the home.../ buu... no batteriissin themm.. o aleet & the amiiy.../ thht... mayyhave dellyed their eesape. 3 < well you can never say whaa -& wwuld've happpned, but we doo knnw that smoke alarms... occurred."> 3 the state fire marhsal... ii investigatinn. ... ttey''ee ssill rying to ffgure out... pxactty what sparked the flames. & 3 proond 7-45 this mooning near
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& arounn 7-45 thissit happeeed around 7-45 this mornnng near waugh chapel road and silver way.police sayy18-year-old alexis llwis as killed wwen pine.. and collided with a county alone... there weee 60 3p3 3 the... cold,... morniig... ave... way to sunshine... aad a clear day in baltimore. baltimoree.- 3 put will it beemore of the - pame tommrroo?& tomorrow? peteorologist vvtas reiidfor a look aa what's hhppeeinn noww
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3 3 3 33 ww have reaking news oot of alabama tonnght. after ore & nightmare cruusee he passengers are finally free from the caannval triumph & cruise shipp theeship lost powee aftte n engine room -3 fire and the passengers were &ptrapped in a ship without any comforrs orrevvn workingg -3 bbthhooms. passengerr say sswage ran freely through thee halls as thh sittation got
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worse by the hour. the ship slowly limped baak to mobile, plabama afterrtug boats were &pable to reach the stranded - vvssel and tow it in. maryland's death penaltyyis - pnce againthe focuu of intense
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debate in annapolis. annnpolis.govvrnor o''alley told lawmakersthe death repealee. and does not work. &members oo aa enatt committee alsoo eerdfrom a former death exonerated...thankk tood.n.a. evidence. 3 ((loodsworth) ""arrland need not have the riss of exeeuting an innocent person again once this is passee, hat's it, ww'lllnevee do ittever and it."(shellenberger) "i thhnk it's very unnsual for the legislature to tell the judiiial brrnch what evidence case in. that haainn beee 33 tte death penalty as we have it." laammaees severelyreetrrcted when prosecutoos can seekthe death penalty.they can nll - pursue capitallppnishmentif -3 there's d.n.a. evidence...videotape of he crime...of a videotaped confessioo. one billion risinn in baltimore....its an initiative to end viooencc agaanst womee this valtentines day... day... the movemmnt sttrted wiih a flash mob at the pwashington monument and endddd
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with a march down charles and spark conversation as to how to end viillnce against wwmmn hre in baltiiore and world.....- 33 & 3 3& one in 3 women worldwide will be a victim of a rape or a brutal beating... here toostand up for women....women are abused and beaten and violated everyday all over the worll - and we need to stop thht iis time.. timee.organizers ssy this worldwideemovement issthe - largeet ay of action in thh history of valenttnes day..... 3 3 ii'ssalways a ggod day to fight ack against crime with one storr lerk in massachusetts. - 3 &p3 brian atel was ickeddsmart... fighting ff criiinals...////. criminalss..////.on tuesday a -&&pstorr aad demanded he money robber had a large kniie, // but he brought t to a sword - pight..../// patell.. pulled out his samurai sword... and - went after the rrbber... who immediaaell... booked it... -&pseeing... he was outt matched...// .
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3 3 "ttii guy wantssto be stupid, put i got a bigger knife thhn - him and he'sseither gonna get pilled or get hurt eithee one, -3pand he made the right choice to go way." &p3 patel isn't one to back he wws stabbed fiveetimes... -3 while fighting off aa rbbbr... aa... aaother one of is -3 storee...//.. he says... giving... iito.... rbber... áonlyá... makes you... more of a targee.. it was gooo day forr -3&plove... onncaaittl hilll.. & duriig the speaker's prrsss conference...//. this is what -33 happeeed when a reeorrer shoutee a valenttne's questionn to speaker boehner. boehner. 3 he's a tough negotiator.../ but he still hhs a soff - spot n that eart.../. speaaer john boehner blew a &pkiss tat caused the rooo to & his real valentine... bed...// is his wife,.../ thhy've been marrred 33 &3 an olymppc icon is a murder suspect. the past
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domestic viollnce that police 3 phe shooting oo his model girlfrienn. 3 a drug investigatton turns into a sweet suprise. the reason police ended up consuming whaa they found at
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3 aparalympic superstar who made history last year in amputee toocompete in the ollmpii gamms is expected to be charred with the shooting death of his model girllriend. ellzaabth prann has the iivestigation. 3 oscar pistooious made headlines lass summer at the nicknamed 'blade runner' for the prosthetics used in hisssport... now, heeis back in the news....this &pttme... eing investigated in - connection with the murder of hhs girlfriend.beukes says: a shooting incident this morniig at tte home of the - well-known paralympic athlete oscar pistorius. at this stage
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we can coofirm that a ouug wommnn a 30-year-old ooan, 3arresttd pistooius -- the &pfirst ouble-amputee o run tracc at the olympic gamess-- ddath oofhis girlffiend, mooel reeva steennamp. paramedicsswereetrying too reviie steenkamp -- who was shot multiple timms -- when police arrived on the scene. africa do not áooficiallyá -3 name suspects in rimes untii they havv appeaaed in couut.... but a pollie &pspokesperssn says pissoriiss was at his home aa the time of the shoottig..... and & thereeare ánoá other suupeets &pinvolved.beukes says: "" can 3 previously beee ncideets at - the homeeof mr. osccr --3 pissorius."reporter asks: "what, can you..?"beukes says: "i'' not going to elaborate onn that: thhre haae prevvoussy been incidents."reporter sks: "oo violence, or...alcohol 3 allegations of a ddmesticc nature.. some local - mmdia outlets are reporting pistorius may have mistakenn and accidentally shot er. 3 where ttis report came from, &pphe south african police
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service." prann sayy "..pistooiuu' court hearing -3 waa orrginally scheddled for phursday afterroon.....but haas beee postponed uunil friday --- aacording tt a spokespersso &pffrensic investigators time to ccrry out theer work. in neww york, elizabeth prann, fox newss" 3 3&p3 toss to vytas, cold morning nnce daa.
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3 &p3 a tasty drug bust. the went in to break up a meth lab. &p3 a jeopaady payddy. the peaaon this teen's final &response is going viral tonight.
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3 3 3 a man's hobby turns nto aa all out drug raid, the ppoblem is, police didn't use common
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senss before they rrided a family's home. & home. illinois police raided a home under suspicion 3 pf buckets, tubing and strange phen policc arrived, the homeowners wwre happy to akk thee on a tour oo the lab,,it turns ut hey were making maple syrup. 33 & i just kind of wanted o put -3theer minds at eese and ett ttem kkow it's maple yrup and thhy're all welcome for & come." 3 the bbnson's say theyyree raiied, ttey're just happy that there neighbbrr are alert &pand looking aftee their homee as a show of goodwwll, they eeen gave the drug aaents and 3 3 3 back out to ccuise shii. after mooe ttan a week trapped on a nightmareecruise, the from the carnival triumph crriseeship.
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3 jeopardyyquession oo the ages. the 75 thousand doolar paaoff for one clever teen. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru.
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(announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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33 a tten contestant on jeopardy, this week... idn't &pknow the annwer to the finnl & jeopardy question.. & question..but... possibly....has the best final jeopady answer... of all time!take a look. look.alee asks his answwr.. reads it then laaghs & paughs 3&peeen... straight-laced , alex ccrck up!!eliive ittor nott.. 3 champion of teen tournament wwek. and of couusee &ppjopardy is only on fox45 weeknights attseven. 3 could we gett ore snow this weekked? weekeed? let's go to vytas for a look at the &pextended forecast.
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3 exttnded forecastt 3 rrzy in love nats froo theeinauguration.. to the super bowl halftime show... to a nattonal tour... beyynce is havvng a big year! -3 year!!eyynnc is cooing toothe verizon center on july 29tt. ttat show sold out n minutes.. so sse addee a live nntion tomorrrw morning at 10 a-m.but we want to get
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you into theeshow for free. free.tomorrow on fox45 orning nees... we're giving way a pair of passes to the show!so &pstay tuned for your chance to & wwn. 3 only ii australia...find outt what appened when kangaroos invaded an ll----a event... next in sports unliiited...
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3 &p3 3 ttatts all foo the llte editiin, i'm jennifer gilbert. ggibert. and i'm jeff barnd, here's bruce unnnnnham with sports unllmited. &punliiittd..- 3 3 3 as oriole pitchers nd catchers held anotherdayyoo workkuts, they know twoothhngs aboutthis year's's young and taleeted...and thee opitions ii presents are many -33 many as mmny s 11 guys will be fighting it ut for one ffthefive pots in the sttrtinn rotation...ann this guywill be in the thickkof ii..
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last seaaon,,mmguel ccnnaaes was one of the mostpleasant surppises..a career minor leaguerr ginzales madehis maaor league debuttinnjuly, and wound p wwth a 9-4 record and a stellar 3.25 eraa.but the rotatton? p3 3 wwile the makeup of thee startiigrooation is uncllar at this poinn, wecan bee reasonably sure whh tgheyy jason hammel was masterful 20 starts, hammel had a very good 3..3 earnnd run avveage,and haddemerged as guy..aad he'd love to get the opening day caal... & 3 -
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3 college bassetball..and a dramaticcturnaround at towson university...a yeaa ago, the tiiersscould manage only a singlewin, and might''e been the worst teem in divisiin now.. 3- p3& riggt now, the tigers are ooe game over 500 t 14-13..and game win streak snapped, and are loooiig tobounce backk 3&ptrip to mighty hofstra..they are light years away from whhre they were a year ago....ndtheir coach says all phat adversity played a part in theei turrnround. 3
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3 the always nimated jiimy paatos anddloyola hosting canisius on senior niggt at 3former cardinal gibbons &psttndout dylon cormiee ttaes it in for the easy layup... greehounds breaa tte tie o lead by 2....nnw down 4... ssnior robert olson knockss - down a 3...loyola cuts it o - 1.....on the fast break... ooson oss ii to fellow seeior 33 alley-oop...they take a 1-poiit lead...loyoll holds on to wwn 68-66 moving into 2nd pppace in thh mmac... 33 hockey...caps in seerch of their 3rd straight win visiting he lightning...11t period...superb passing troy brouuer ith his team best 7tt - goal on the year...ccpp up p-0....3rd period...caps up 2nd of the game...3rd thii wiih theii 3rd win in roow. & 4-3 over the lightning... 3 if you
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thhught he delay didn't see he -33 lgpa's australlan open ttday... course...karrieewebb had tt - wwit for the innigenous -3 pnimals to cross the fairwwy before she teee off... 15-year-old lydia ko is the leader at 10-underr.. 3&pthat's aal for sports & unlimittd...i'm bbuce cunningham...ggodnight. goodnight.
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